About us

What is Dinami?

Dinami, rooted in power, to keep you rooted in life.

Dinami aims to empower individuals around the world by providing them with high quality, yet trendy products that match unique lifestyles.

Dinami Bag

About the Brand 

Dinami was envisioned by creator Sahra Tzortzis who felt that a shift in brand bags was on the horizon. 

“Waking up in the morning and going to the gym before work was a daunting task for me. Getting all of my wet/dry products, work clothes, and shoes in the same bag was messy, making it overwhelming and too much of a headache. I would get to the gym, open my bag, and my shampoos and lotions would be all over my clothes. My bag would turn into a washing machine without a wash cycle.” 

Business trips, travel destinations, and the gym are supposed to produce stress relief right? So why let your tired bag weigh you down? Find yourself going to the gym after work to avoid transporting your shower items? Empower yourself and no longer let your underequipped duffle control your day. 

“It really inspired me to come up with a creative solution that would organize all of my essential toiletries, shoes and clothes so that my bag is not cluttered and messy. The result is our revolutionary bag which uses high quality fabrics any active person can appreciate.” 

Transform your routine, empower your life, and shape your future with Dinami. Connect with Sahra and share your feedback at: sahra.tzortzis@dinamigear.com