Are there any patents are on the bag?

There are both a design and utility patent on the bag.

 Who can benefit from Dinami Gear?

Dinami was built for busy, active people who want to keep their lives organized and maximize efficiency at the gym, while traveling, or taking an overnight trip.

 Why is Dinami different?

Dinami brings organization to the everyday gym bag as well as the utility of using as an overnight bag. The fully detachable hanging shower caddy is the first in its market that allows one to bring their essential toiletries wherever their dynamic lives lead them. It easily zips on and off and has a waterproof layer that protects your wet/dry items from coming in contact. If you’re going to invest in a product, invest in one that has multiple uses. The Dinami Signature Duffle is durable and is made from high quality materials.

What Are the Benefits?

* Comfortable 

* Multi-purpose 

* Fits numerous lifestyles 

* Roomy, various storage units, detachable shower caddy, and waterproof 

* Durable 

* Stylish

 Is the detachable organizer safe to put in the shower?

Yes, the entire detachable organizer is waterproof excluding the mesh pockets and Velcro on the handle piece. The mesh is made of mold-resistant material.